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Strategies and programmes used to increase and retain participation of women in leadership example of Tunisian Tennis Federation


In Tunisia, women still hold significantly fewer leadership and coaching roles than men. A three-pronged strategy of recruiting, retaining and recognizing women in sport has been developed; in the retain phase the objective is to create clear pathways so that women can proceed to leadership ...Read more positions – not just focusing on star athletes but also focusing on those who might have potential in other roles. This includes promoting more female coaches. Retention strategies includes the creation of meetings, mentorship and groups for female sports organisers, coaches and players in order to support their efforts. Recognition efforts such as award ceremonies and letters from the association are some of the programmes that have been introduced.

Salma Mouelhi Guizani is a former Fed Cup Captain and has been President of the Tunisian Tennis Federation since 2013. She is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education and holds many prominent roles representing women in tennis, including being a member of the Women in Sport Commission of both the ITF and the Association of African National Olympic Committees.