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Changing behaviour in running and athletics


England Athletics has utilized technology to increase participation in running groups through developing an online platform, Run Together, to facilitate the organization and execution of running groups. The platform helps to alleviate negative aspects of running groups, such as the administration ...Read more processes, whilst it enables England Athletics to track runner behaviour in order to optimise its strategies. The online platform and applications for the runners and group leaders have increased participation and reduced the necessary resources to maintain the programme. In terms of athletics, technology can also be used to engage parents in their child’s activity, which may incentivise parents to encourage their child to choose athletics over other activities.

Dan has 15 years of experience working across the sports sector in various management roles. During his time at British Cycling, Dan helped to develop the Sky Ride, Breeze and Ride Social programmes, and latterly as Head of Insight and Performance Management at England Athletics, Dan has been influential in bringing RunTogether to the market.