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Wimbledon champion: As a player and as a coach


In this interview, the 1994 Ladies Singles Wimbledon Champion Conchita Martínez tells her story, starting with how she started playing tennis and really got to love it (hitting against a wall in her hometown), all the way to becoming a competitive and eventually professional player (beating ...Read more Martina Navratilova in the 1994 Wimbledon Final). Conchita then tells of how she then went on to coach a number of WTA players before coaching the Spanish Fed Cup team and then the Spanish Davis Cup team.

Conchita’s story is full of brilliant insight about how to deal with different situations as a coach and a player. The key message is that the secret is that here is no secret; passion, hard-work, mental toughness, psychology, technique, tactics, fitness and more all come together to collectively determine a player’s competitive pathway.