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Using data & insight to grow the sport


Mike Wragg is the Global Head of Research for Nielsen Sports and is responsible for all aspects of Nielsen Sports’ powerful global research capability, helping leading organisations in the global sports, leisure and entertainment industry make better commercial decisions through deep insight into ...Read more their stakeholders, fans and competitors.

Mike talks about the top commercial trends of 2018 in sport and some of the key data insights for tennis: traditional broadcast models are being replaced by OTT (internet and applications) models; eSports (not just gaming but watching gaming events) is on the rise; there is an increase in the number and quality of types of content which is being used to engage with fans; and, sponsorship is becoming partnership in a bid to better engage users. The biggest opportunity for participation growth comes from the casual interest millennial group and the evangelist group (upper middle class with children) which doesn’t have much room for growth but has the ability to shape the next generation’s participation habits.

An Oxford graduate, Mike spent his 20s in the British Royal Navy before joining Nielsen in the Middle East and Africa. Over two decades he led some of Nielsen’s largest global client relationships, working across all continents and a huge range of consumer and advertising research challenges

Mike’s passion is identifying the trends which are driving change in the industry, and helping Nielsen Sports’ clients get ready to win in the years to come.