What's New

29th May 2024

- Added support for Flywire payment gateway

29th May 2024

- Enhancements to accessibility across the platform


Advanced Account Merge Options Release

1st May 2024

- Ability to merge one user account into another account
- Ability to transfer courses, certificates, transcripts etc. from one user account to another

16th April 2024

- Implemented platform security improvements and infrastructure enhancements


Global Survey and Insights Release

1st January 2024

- Ability to gather diverse data from National Associations and generate multi-dimensional insights using collected data

27th September 2023

- Enhancements to Course Builder
- Ability to view Location and Country for Course Intakes in the Intake list

23rd August 2023

- Ability to add Accordions to eLearning courses via the eLearning Builder
- Ability to vertically align text within a Flipcard
- Ability to remove image from a Flipcard

26th July 2023

- Performance improvements to eLearning course pages

12th July 2023

- Added support for Stripe Payment Gateway

14th June 2023

- Ability to add Flipcards to eLearning courses

3rd May 2023

- New expandable/collapsable Session information accordions

15th April 2023

- New advanced Regulations Area
- Improvements to SCORM related activities


ITF Roles and Interests Release

21st March 2023

- Ability to choose a Role and an Interest for your ITF Academy profile
- Filter content based on Role and Interest
- Improved usability for Agenda tab under Face to Face/Webinar courses

21st February 2023

- Add Academy Dashboard page with new modern look
- Add new features to the Academy Dashboard

11th January 2023

- Added support for Persian language across the platform

02nd November 2022

- Ability to add upto 10 options to activities in the Activity Builder
- Ability to make activities compulsory in the Activity Builder
- Ability to archive master courses

25th October 2022

- Add features for CPD
- Ability to add SCORM in multilingual
- New pathway display restriction (to F2F participants)

18th October 2022

- Ability to jump to any page of an eBook
- Ablity to have inline questions with no correct answers
- Ablity to display options for questions as multi choice or single choice for questions with no correct answers

6th September 2022

- Ablity to take notes inside eBook
- Ablity to bookmark a page inside eBook

10th August 2022

- Ability to make course questions compulsory for eLearning courses


eBook Release

3rd August 2022

- New eBook Reader
- Read books in different language
- Can be installed as a mobile/desktop application
- Read books in offline mode
- Mobile responsive

13 July 2022

- Performance improvements to competency transcripts
- New Cookie preferences

31 May 2022

- Add new language Slovak

4th April 2022

- New info buttons on courses
- New Yes/No drop down in eLearning builder
- New voucher codes front-end upgrade


Course Admin Reports Release

28th March 2022

- New course admin reports dashboard, providing reports including country, certification status and expiry date across participants
- New eLearning course description, providing dynamic course descriptions displaying within info button tooltips
- New notification system for user notifications

16th March 2022

- New image upload within the pathway builder for thumbnails

9th March 2022

- Multi-lingual support for html blocks within the eLearning builder


Tabs Release

9th February 2022

- New interactive tabs element within the eLearning builder


Censeo 3.0 Release

1st February 2022

- New baseline version of Censeo
- New front-end user experience with simplified layouts
- New webinar integrations
- New interactive eLearning features
- New document uploads for assessments
- New video questions
- New back-end API
- Full self-service white labelling features
- New administration back-end with five builders (eLearning Builder, Course Builder, Form Builder, Competency Transcript Builder, Pathway Builder)