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Welcome and ITF Development and Digital Transformation Strategy

A welcome to the 2020 ITF RCC will be followed by an insight into the ITF Development Strategy and its core objectives of increasing participation worldwide and developing talented players. One of the most important strategic projects is the ITF World Tennis Number.

The ITF ...Read more is committed to boosting participation and retention in tennis through the innovative use of digital technology and data. At the centre of this digital transformation is the ITF World Tennis Number - an exciting new platform that is set to provide a global benchmark for all players, regardless of age, gender or ability. More than just another sports application, the ITF World Tennis Number has an ambitious vision to change the ecosystem and culture of tennis by sharing consistent quality data as a global industry to drive participation at all levels of the sport.

In this webinar session, we will provide an update on the launch of the ITF World Tennis Number, explain the benefits and outline how nations and everyone can become involved. One Sport. One Court. One Scale.


Luca Santilli